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Production of GEOMATERIALS Red
Used glass as a raw material

GEOMATERIALS Red is a new and high quality foam glass aggregate product made from recycled glass. To produce GEOMATERIALS Red, recycled glass is sorted, cleaned, ground and blended with admixture. This process reuses valuable raw materials and saves energy initially required for the production of glass. Because of this, GEOMATERIALS Red has excellent energy balances.

The Manufacturing Process of GEOMATERIALS Red

GEOMATERIALS Red is sintered at high temperatures. The very new structured foam glass aggregate gravel occurs during a new developed expansion process instate of the art conveyor ovens at a modified sintering temperature. It is only through this most innovative manufacturing process, that it is possible to produce GEOMATERIALS Red foam glass aggregate into this technical form which satisfies the high standards of road construction. This is what makes GEOMATERIALS Red unique!

Area of Application


External cyclic loads (traffic loads) cause deformations in the structure and in the adjacent subsoil. The extent of these deformations can be approximated by determining the amounts of settlement.

Large-scale laboratory tests of the GEOMATERIALS Red composite system on simulated soils with different levels of stiffness were able to collect sufficient data to be able to offer system proposals in the planning phase of upper load-bearing areas in traffic route construction. In addition, GEOMATERIALS Red can provide an estimate of the deformations to be expected in the next 30 years.

And it is precisely these deformations or settlements that are greatly reduced in comparison to other systems in traffic route construction on settlement-sensitive soils!


Installation Guidelines

The system comprises of various components in layering sequence. The upper one contains a mineral mixture, the lower one contains GEOMATERIALS Red. In the passage from mineral mixture to GEOMATERIALS Red and indeed GEOMATERIALS Red to the existing soil, the use of geogrids is recommended. The respective layer thicknesses of GEOMATERIALS Red is based on the requirements on the system.

Through the composite effect between geogrid / mineral mixture / GEOMATERIALS Red a reinforced and ideal load distribution occurs with the result of increased of the load capacity. Goal achieved!

In the area of contact between the coarse-grained GEOMATERIALS Red and the overlying mineral miture, filling grains out of the fine mineral mixture begin settle in the near-surface areas. This leads to the formation of a mixing zone, which gives a significant stiffening of the contact zone and thus increases the bearing capacity of the entire system.

The compliance of all technical parameters is important!
An ideal bearing capacity of GEOMATERIALS Red Composite System can just be guaranteed, if all the preset technical parameters of all on the system-involved materials are met and the execution of the system corresponds to the specification.

Possibilities for delivery

Delivery of bulk material with a walking floor truck

This form of delivery is suitable for construction sites, which can be easily reached. A walking floor truck cannot tilt, but rather shuffles the material with its moving floor from back to front.

Typical dimensions: LxWxH = 18 x 4 x 2,8 m
Loading capacity: 85 - 95 m³ depending on type of truck
Non steerable axles!

Delivery of bulk material with a container truck

This form of delivery is suitable for narrow access roads. The bulk material is divided into the towing vehicle and a
trailer. Therefore the material can be brought step by step. Please mind: through the minimized quantity and the additional expense, we charge an extra container surcharge.

Typical dimensions towing vehicle: LxWxH = 9 x 4 x 2,8 m
Loading capacity: 76 - 80 m³ depending on type of truck

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