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Production of Geomaterials Panel
used glass as a raw material

GEOMATERIALS Panel  is made from ordinary packaging glass and window glass used in everyday life. GEOMATERIALS Panel thus closes a gap in the recycling cycle and conserves natural resources.


The Manufacturing Process of GEOMATERIALS Panel

After cleaning and drying, the glass is crushed and mixed with foam additives. We use pure carbon – soot – as a foaming agent. The powder obtained from the glass and soot is then poured into molds and sent to the foaming oven. At a temperature of 1000° C, foam is formed, which is very similar in appearance to baking bread.

After the foaming oven, the hot blocks are removed from the molds and placed in the cooling oven, where the blocks are slowly cooled.

Applications and installation of GEOMATERIALS Panel

Possibilities for delivery
packed on pallets

1 Panel = length x width = 600x450mm

*R = Is the thermal resistance which describes the resistance of a layer to the flow of heat through