Bound leveling fill

Bound leveling fill with GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass

The bound GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass fill can be used wherever light, thermally insulating floor leveling is required. The mineral-bound, pressure-resistant fill is used to level floors as a
leveling fill over cables and pipelines. The healthy-living material guarantees first-class insulation with maximum fire safety and fast construction progress. Due to the low moisture content, it can be walked on after just one day without any problems. Static considerations play a crucial role when using GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass for balconies and terraces. Balconies and roof terraces can only take a limited load. Because GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass is a significantly lighter material than other drainage materials, such as gravel fill, the weight can be significantly reduced when insulating roof structures.


  • Lightweight: In minerally bound form, GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass is light as a feather, which helps to save on the dimensioning of the substructure
  • Highly thermally insulating: Even when bound, GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass insulates in small structural thicknesses
  • Resilient and durably stable: GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass stays in shape – no readjustments required!
  • Moisture-resistant: GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass absorbs almost no water and dries out quickly
  • Non-combustible class A1